NY Consulting

NY Consulting

Consultant to the Orthodontic Profession


Growing an outstanding orthodontic practice takes investment – in your people, your systems, the quality of your patient care.

NY Consulting is passionate about helping you achieve this. We can help you provide an exceptional patient experience by:

  • Training and developing your clinical team to a high standard
  • Maximising efficiency within your practice
  • Improving customer service
  • Enhancing what you are doing right and addressing opportunities for growth

By strengthening the team behind the doctor and boosting efficiency at every level, we can help you achieve a higher standard of care – one that makes a real difference to your practice.

We work with orthodontic firms of all sizes and set-ups – from established practices with teams of 20+ to emerging, single-doctor practices.

Our service, unique to Australia, is based on a deep knowledge of the industry and years of experience in growing orthodontic practices.