NY Consulting


What we offer


NY Consulting helps you achieve a high level of excellence in patient care.

To this end, our services are designed to help you enhance what you are doing right and address areas for growth.


Clinical training that invests in the future

We teach your new hygienist to enable the doctor (and any existing hygienist) to continue seeing their patients at maximum capacity without compromising on patient care. We also include systems and tools to integrate first-time hygienists and therapists into your practice.

Our training includes the basics of orthodontics through a specialised training program that covers technique, efficiency, scripting for patient education and chair-side manner.

Improved patient record taking

Our training program focuses on delivering even better alginate impressions, digital photos, oral scanning and OPG/Lat Ceph X-rays – resulting in better patient care and clinical outcomes.

Scheduling that transforms your practice

With a deep understanding on how scheduling and front desk can influence the clinic, we work with your team to implement new systems and schedules designed for maximum efficiency, flow and reduced stress.

We also help you reduce ‘emergency visits’ to your practice.

Office management expertise

To help you achieve high-quality care and practice efficiency, our consulting covers:

  •  Streamlining systems, procedures and setting up protocols
  • Office presentation and clinic set-up to reduce poor patient flow and lost efficiency
  • Defining roles and responsibilities for team members
  • Team accountability and empowerment

Peace of mind with practice accreditation

With detailed knowledge and understanding of the clinic, lab and sterilisation processes and procedures, NY Consulting is the perfect partner to help implement practice accreditation.


After an in-depth consultation with you and your team, NY Consulting will provide recommendations and a customised proposal, based on your needs and goals.