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Natasha Young is by far the most extraordinary ortho team member I have ever encountered in an Australian practice. With my 15 trips to various Aussie ortho practices over the years, I am continually in awe of her commitment, knowledge and overall patient care. She is not only skilled chair-side and orthodontically, she also has a wonderful and unique sense of patient rapport, education and motivation. I am thrilled she is now teaching those learned skills to others in Australia. Your practice would be well-served if you utilise her years of ortho knowledge and passion.
— Rosemary Bray, International Dental/Ortho Consultant and Speaker California, USA

Natasha transformed our practice from the first day she started to work with us. Her understanding of how a high functioning practice of excellence should be run is extraordinary. I have rarely encountered someone who has such an in depth knowledge of the inter-relationship of the different aspects of a practice, as well as the foresight to see the solutions we all struggle with, enabling improved efficiencies, reduced workloads and exceptional patient experiences.

I believe that every practice would benefit from her knowledge and expertise, whether looking for a complete change or just fine tuning processes and ideas.
— Dr Theo Baisi, Orthodontist Sydney
I have no hesitation in recommending Natasha with regard to her knowledge, work ethic, patient rapport and efficiency. Natasha has a real ‘can do’ attitude and has helped our practice grow and become more efficient. She still continues to look for avenues to do better.
— Ash Patel, Orthodontist Perth

Natasha brings a wealth of knowledge gained over many years in the industry.

As a key member of the ortho practice leadership team, Natasha has an impressive track record of elevating patient care and driving profitable growth.  She has the ability to bring the administrative and clinical team together to elevate the whole experience for the patient.  It was a pleasure to work with her over the years and I highly recommend her to any practice that wishes to grow and challenge their team.
— Shannon Howe, Practice Manager

When Natasha joined our practice, she was able to share her extensive experience with me by assisting with improving the clinic templates in making them work more efficiently. I was able to adopt many of her recommendations to improve the service and efficiency of the practice, and transform the patient experience. The entire practice has benefited from her know-how. Her work ethic, patient interaction and management, along with her technical skills, have cemented her position as a role model in the practice.
— Michelle Pritchard, Practice Manager